XECH Grow Station – Rechargeable Table Lamp with Pen Holder and Mobile Charger


Light eye lamp, children’s desk, long-term face of the computer crowd, in order to protect eye health, the choice of eye lamp is very important.

Mobile phone bracket function, can watch video while charging mobile phone.

Pen holder function, convenient for pens and other office supplies, has a comfortable environment for renovation.

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25 - 100 10% 1,260.00
101 - 500 20% 1,120.00
501 + 25% 1,050.00
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Envisioned & invented at Xech HQ’s, the Xech Grow Station is an innovation that takes you close to nature. It is designed to grow a wide variety of Microgreens with features like Hybrid UV Lighting to induce indoor photosynthesis & natural Air Flow all controlled via the sleek touch-sensitive controls.

Grow Station even doubles up as a Phone Holder, Stationery Holder& a premium Desk Lamp with adjustable lighting.

Grow Station’s powerful yet safe dimmable Desk Light is even light on the eyes even at its highest setting, which makes it perfect for children too.


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